Rugby Match (HAE, 4)


Fourth update

While we were in New Zealand we decide to go, and see a rugby match. And we were in lucky because it was the All Blacks who played. The all blacks are the men`s national team. They have won the world championship three times and the Rugby Championship Tournament most times than anyone else. They match was super fun, and the game is realy violent. And I understand why the get the name all blacks. All of the team mates dresses in only black and the do a kind of ritual dance

The last week in New Zealand (FG, 4)


Fourth update

This last week we have ben doing a lot of great stuff. One of them was when we were mountain biking the pioneere trails, its race through New Zealand's southern alpine regions. We didnt join the race, we only followed the same track as they do in the real race. we used about 4 days, The course take riders through spectacular high country and lakeside scenery following the journeys of New Zealand?s early pioneers. To ensure this race was true to our vision of extraordinary scenery and unique Kiwi hospitality experiences, we needed access through privately owned land which is usually closed to the public but we talked to the owners of the race and the owners of the land, they told us that if we didn?t leave any trash or destroyed anything we were allowed. It was fun but hard. :-)

An amazing travel to New Zealand (H, 3 and 4)

Fourth update, task 3

When we went to New Zealand, did we have very many good experiences. One of them was the incredible ACDC concert. It was very wild! The people who are members of the ACDC band are incredibly good at making mood. I guess there were over a hundred thousand people there. We also drank, and when you are a bit breeze and listening to rock music, it is very wild. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.

We spent a very long time getting tickets but we were lucky to buy tickets by a random person who sold tickets. It happened randomly, we was going with ACDC t-shirts and met at a random man who asked if we were going to the concert and we said we did not have tickets. Therefore, we were lucky to buy four tickets from him.

After these experiences, we have experienced many incredible things that we will remember for life.



Third update, task 4.

We have been in New Zealand in some couple of days now. So we decided to try out some extreme sports have fun. The sports we tried out was bungee jumping and zorbing. We tried out these sports because we think they look extreme and it is a very wild experience.

We tried out bungee jumping at Taupo Bungy. The place lies in Central North Island upstream from the Huka Falls.  First, we all thought that this was completely sickness. However, it became even worse when we heard that we could be dunked in the water when the jump ended. The jump is 47m above the water. But we were sick enough to do that.
After we was done with the jump, we felt incredibly proud and thought, '' We'll do that again ''

After the sickest jump ever, we was trying the other extreme sport called zorbing. This was kind of fun because we was placed in a plastic ball in pairs.

All the experiences we experienced are something we do not forget, and for every extreme sport we tried we had the sickest adrealin kick!


The first days in New Zealand (HAE, 3)

We just landed in New Zealand and we had a couple of days in the city to look around and explore the city. We heard much about New Zealand how the landmarks are similar to Norway with high mountains and deep vales, and that this was where they made The Lord Off the Rings movies. The people in New Zealand is unbelievably nice and polite. We decide to do some activities. The first places we went to was Bay of Island, north Island. It is a beautiful bay of Islands and is one of the most popular vacations destination in the country. The only down fall with it is that it takes a three-hour drive north of Auckland. One off the other things we did was on a Atv ride through the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

From Australia to New Zealand (FG, 3)

Third update.


First we bucked a flight from Sydney to Auckland of curse business class 950$ per person.

At the plain we got free champagne and free Wi-Fi. After 4 glasses of champagne one of my friend got the number to the superhot flight attendant and he actually got it. After one and a half hour we finely arrived at the airport and then the flight attended came running after us a gave my friend here snapshat user name as well, then we rent a cab and derived to the hotel. After we arrived at the hotel we decided that the swimming pool was to boarding so we did some researched and found a place called Bay of island. We rented 4 atvs and dried to the bay.




Aborigines living conditions (H, 2)

Second update, task 3

The Aborigines are the indigenous peoples who are one of the oldest indigenous peoples in the world. They traveled from Asia to Australia 40,000 - 60,000,000 years ago.

A little while ago, I was visiting an Aboriginal family who answered some questions I was wondering. They responded that the living the conditions are very bad and they live 15 years shorter than ordinary people do. The child mortality is very high; it is like 3 times higher than Australian children are. They said also that almost everyone is unemployed and unemployment is 6 times as much as other peoples in Australia. My opinion about this is that the aborigines to struggle very much. The family also said that alcohol abuse and drug abuse are very common among people. Crime is also very common among the aborigine?s people.

I was also looking at their house, and the housing situation is very bad. After what I found out, so lives many aborigines lives outside big cities in poor living conditions.

I think the poverty of aborigines today is related to the assimilation policy that is also called the stolen Generation. For some years ago was aborigines children taken away from their parents to be brought to white homes to do missions, also called slaves. I think that the aborigines have experienced a lot and I think that the state and politicians have something to do with this. Therefore, I think this is because the aborigines are different from other peoples. They struggle very much, and many have no respect for the aborigines. There is still much racism around the aborigines. They have worn very much with racism since 1992. After all that has happened, it has become more difficult for aborigines to get jobs and education. In my opinion, the state and the politicians are guilty for this situation, thats because they know that they are struggling and I think they should give the aborigines a good opportunity to build themselves up.

This is the family i visited. It looks like they are super, but they really struggle very much.

Aboriginal history (HAE, 2)

Second update

What we have learned from Australian Aboriginal culture is that it includes several practices and, ceremonies centered around a belief in the Dreamtime. The dreamtime is a term that is used be by early anthropologists to refer to a religion-cultural that is worldview attributed to Australian Aboriginal beliefs. Uluru is so sacred to the Aboriginals because it is cave paintings that representing of ancestral spirits. And still this day there are often held rituals in those caves.

Aboriginal culture/art has existed for thousand years. The originate of the Aboriginal is hard to say because every Aboriginal people has their own origin stories but the one story that has been passed down from generations that tells of three migrations that have occurred over many thousands of years, then another at a period after the last Ice age which saw the formation of the Great Barrier Reef, the other is of a migration out of Cairns that went back through the Cape into the Torres Strait.

Aboriginal history (FG, 2)

Second update

60,000 years ago, and the amborginal people where about 750 000 people in the group. Back then there was ice age on earth and the continents did not look like we know them today. Australia was not lying where it is today but stuck to the island of New Guinea and it was therefore not far to the Indonesian islands where the first Australians most likely came from. Most likely they came in boats.

The amborginal were probably planning to stay sins they broth the womens. Today the aboriginals are 350000 people because before ww2 they were abused and killed by the Australians sins the meant that it was there land. But today they are living happily alone. Most of them are talking English but some are still talking the original albugineas

First day in Australia (1)



Henrik andre

The flight from Norway to Australia was ok, but it got all little too long and boring and special with the stopover in Singapore, their Henrik rseth got in some trouble with the police in Singapore. But from there, there were no problems just some small turbulence. But overall it took about 27 hours.

Wai-o-tapu New Zealand's most colourful geothermal attraction. An area in which the landscape has been sculptured by geothermal activity and where unique volcanic features can be viewed from well defined tracks. Wai-o-otapu is considered as top 20 surreal places. Visitors can choose one or all of three walks which take between 30 and 75 minutes.

(Edit, Wai-o-tapu, New Zealand)


Frederik Gjg

In australia there culture is based on the british culture. The first people are belived to arrived about 60,000 years ago. They speak a lot like the brithis people but wit a difrent acsent.
Moste of the sound like a tipicole crocodile hunter they ofent sey ?oi? instead of I
and they sey ?aye? isted of a

  • Esky → Cooler or icebox.
  • Uni → University.
  • Arvo → Afternoon.
  • Thongs → Flip-flops.
  • Bogan → Redneck, uncultured person. Use with care-- it may be offensive.
  • Root → Sex. Remember this when "rooting for the other team" at a sporting event.[5]
  • Chunder → Throw up or get sick.
  • Stoked → Excited.
  • Tucker → Food.[6]
  • Present → Pressie
  • Breakfast → Brekkie
  • Mosquito → Mozzie
  • Sunglasses → Sunnies.




Henrik rseth, task 4
Some places we have been to in Australia

 Australian accent is a bit more difficult to understand than British and American. Australian is more like a cocky language, it can hear like the Australian language is more laidback, and is more slang than American and British. However, in my opinion if I compare British and American with Australian language, I would say that British is more like Australian. Thats because Australian language comes from British. Some examples of slangs that can be difficult to understand is for example:
- A Cold One - Beer
- Bea - Beer
- Arvo - Afternoon
- Barbie - Barbecue
- Brekky - Breakfast
- Brolly - Umbrella
In Australia, we went very much. We saw very many sports, some examples of sports we saw was: Cricket and Australian football. In my opinion Australian football looks like Gaelic football and rugby. We were at an Australian football match there and I'm going to say that it's a good mood!



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